Bollywood [Download complete play]

Cast: Both successful - Oni Aida a childrens' book writer, Sita a novelist turned peace activist. Two very accomplished women at odds over everything. Two Black women, one American, one South Asian.

Two women, Oni Aida and Sita Devi, African-American and South Asian, wrestle through the night of September 10, 2001 in Carl Sandburg Village in downtown Chicago, covering every subject under their suns. Told in real 80 minute time, at the end of which they both leave for different Chicago airports and flights early September 11.

Brer Clare [Download complete play]

Cast: 8 or 9. African-American title role. Multi-culti cast.

Uncle Tom's Cabin meets the Supreme Court of today. Play careers back and forth between ante-bellum New Orleans and the 1981 Supreme Court nomination hearings for Clarence Thomas. Brer Clare, the character, meets his nemesis, Juanita Kill, and their struggle ensues.

China Calls [Download complete play]

Cast: Six. Three adults - a couple at odds (any race) and a driver (must be Asian) - and three actors of any race able to play small children.

The author commutes between Beijing and Chicago for his family and his play "The Sovereign State of Boogedy Boogedy" about to be produced at Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago.

Concerto Chicago [Download complete play]

Cast: Three African-Americans (two men, one woman), one Asian-American (woman). Again, and always, very strong men and women of color.

A collage of pieces from about six plays, some produced, some not, in homage to the city of Chicago, and, in fact to all cities.

Hawking [Download complete play]

Cast: Stephen Hawking, Aeschylus, David Blunkett, et alia.

Hawking is the fictionalized account of the last day on earth of Stephen Hawking (he may be going to Mars), aka Prometheus Bound, as he is visited by artists, philosophers, politicians and birds, some based on real folks, some mythological folks, some both, at the Royal Observatory in London. Each is disabled - blind, lame, mute, limbless, et cetera; each extraordinary. Each trying to prevent Hawking from revealing his answer to the universe, if in fact, he really has it.

Gulliver [Download the first 10 pages] or [Purchase book from Broadway Play Publishers]

Organizing Abraham Lincoln [Download complete play]

Cast: Eleven actors play about twenty-five roles. Grad students, news people, university officials, cops, lawyers, provosts, et alia Multi-culti actors able to turn on a dime.

The grad students at Abraham Lincoln University in Philadelphia force the university to recognize them as legitimate workers deserving of all the rights that come with the academic territory.

The Lost Boys of Sudan [Download the first 10 pages] or [Purchase book from Broadway Play Publishers]

Cast: Several young men, African, African-American. A few whites. Nine peoople have been used, with several playing multiple roles. All must be able to play varied roles.

Three Sudanese boys escape the perils of marauding armies across the breadth of Africa and finally re-settle in Fargo North Dakota, with a little help from their friends.

The Odd Women [Download complete play]

The Romance of Magno Rubio [Download the first 10 pages] or [Purchase book from Broadway Play Publishers]

Cast: Five Filipinos. Filipinos and/or other Asians. Won eight Obies in 2003 for the entire cast, writers and director. Published by Broadway Play Publishng.

Magno Rubio is Filipino. It's the 30's in California and here are some opening lines - Magno Rubio four feet six inches tall
/ Magno Rubio dark as a coconut ball / With a head small and limbs like a turtle / A lusty young hare and twice as fertile / Now picking peas on the San Jose hills / A quarter an hour don't pay the bills

Thy Fearful Symmetry [Download complete play]

Two Great Oceans [Download complete play]

Wheatley [Download first 10 pages]

Cast: Phillis Wheatley, Samson Osee Power Frock, Benjamin Franklin, Countess Selena, Susannah Wheatley. WHEATLEY was produced at Victory Gardens in 2005 with an all African-American cast of four - two women and two men. Published by Broadway Play Publising.

The story of the African American poet Phillis Wheatley, the first published poet in America, 1773. Told in rhyme, fractured, regular and everything in-between.



Short Plays:

Beijing Girl [Download complete short play]

The Lost Boys of Sudan Gasoline [Download complete short play]

Holofernes [Download complete short play]

Indian Taxi Driver Does All The Talking [Download complete short play]

Lou Gobbs [Download complete short play]

Ode to an Afghani Mother [Download complete short play]

Ophelia Hazmat [Download complete short play]

Peace Hotel [Download complete short play]

THE SOVEREIGN STATE OF BOOGEDY BOOGEDY - Abed-Nego [Download complete short play]

THE SOVEREIGN STATE OF BOOGEDY BOOGEDY - Reduced and Reduxed [Download complete short play]

THE SOVEREIGN STATE OF BOOGEDY BOOGEDY - Pdf [Download complete short play]

THE SOVEREIGN STATE OF BOOGEDY BOOGEDY - Shadrach the Egyptologist [Download complete short play]

Thillens Stadium [Download complete short play]

Tupac [Download complete short play]

Wheatley Rap [Download complete short play]